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Discerning Collectors are quick to recognize the artistry, skill and craftsmanship of the baskets created here at Nantucket Lightship & Friendship Baskets. From the meticulous fine weave, to the exacting fit and design of each component. Be assured that your custom-made Nantucket Basket, is not only of the highest quality, but also reflects your personal choice! You are invited to browse the web site or visit the basket shop at 11 First Way in the Mid-Island area of Nantucket Island.




New, Vintage & Antique Nantucket Baskets




All the basket components, top plates, bottom plates, rims, staves & handles are made here in the shop from their respective raw materials with exception of the weaving cane. Our scrimshaw is done by native artist Lee Ann Papale or Michael Vienneau, and the carvings are made by various carvers from around the world, including some by Nap & Alan.

All of the new baskets that I sell are made here on Nantucket, in this shop, and are built entirely by either Alan SW Reed or Nap Plank and are signed & dated by the respective artist on the bottom of each basket.


Professional  Nantucket Basket Restoration


Full restoration services for all Nantucket Baskets. All restoration is done by Nap Plank at his 25 Tashama Lane shop. With over 30 years of experience, Nap can put your basket in Museum Quality condition. Contact Nap at or call him at 508.228.2518.





Other Shop Associates



Lee Ann Papale Scrimshaw Studio
P.O. Box 2337
Studio: 28 mizzenmast Ext.
Nantucket, Ma 02554



Scrimshaw by Michael Vienneau



Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum





Alan SW Reed - 11 First Way, Nantucket MA 02554 - - 508.228.9493